Friday, May 25, 2012

The Feast of Latona and Her Twins

It is the Feast of Latona and Her Twins!
Who are Her twins? Diana and Apollo!
Here is a little something I composed as an offering for Latona, Diana and Apollo.

Have a wonderful Feast and to the Loyal Horde in the USA:
Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

Latona of the Golden Spindle,
Mother of the Twins Divine,
On this eve of your Delian feast
I ask you bless both me and mine.
Protect us when we are assailed,
Give us land where we may pause
Turn those who thwart us into frogs
And reveal their inhospitable cause.
Latona, Great Goddess eternal
Of Polus and Phoebe, Hidden One;
We praise, we honor, we adore thee,
And thank the Mother of Moon and Sun.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Old European Love Potion

On a Friday, the day of Venus, obtain some hair from the man or woman desired without him or her being aware of the fact you have taken it. Keep this hair very well hidden until the next Friday. At sunrise that Friday morning write his or her name and your own on parchment paper using some blood drawn from the third finger of your left hand instead of ink. This will make the potion all the more powerful. After the writing is finished, take the parchment paper and place the hair together with it. Burn the two together into a pile of ashes. Next take some of the ashes and place them into the man or woman's food or drink. Once he or she has ate or drank this potion, he or she will fall head over heels for you. I have never tried this one myself, so unfortunately  no guarantee's.  

Of course there are always easier routes such as oils. Strega Oil can be made with 50% Gold base oil, equal parts of Vetavert, Juniper, Lavender, and Honey. This is only used by women. A great producer of passion that helps to attract both love and success.

I personally like this Venus oil. If dressing a candle I would use Pink, Red, or Green. Jasmine (4) Rose (1) Ylang Ylang (3) Civit (drops) Ambergris (1) This is an alluring magnet used to draw love toward you. Makes a person irresistible to the opposite sex. To further strengthen the fragrances of the oils used, they may be put on your skin or in your bath.

Many Blessings,

Friday, May 4, 2012

Roman Augury

In ancient Etrusca and Rome an auger was a religious official who used birds for divination and to interpret omens. Plutarch states that the augur was originally called auspex and is the act of looking at birds. An Augur's main job was to interpret the divine will by reading signs of nature and predict the future. An Auger was of great importance in ancient Rome due to the fact their sole purpose was to determine the Gods/Goddess will approved of the military or political acts that the the king was attempting to instill. An Augur also used his abilities to seek out sacred areas, known as "templas".

King Romulus was also considered to be one of the greatest augurs of his time. The elder augers elected new members and once elected, it was a lifetime commitment. In ancient Rome the king alone possessed the right to auspice "one who looks at birds" on behalf of Rome by acting as its chief augur. No public business could be performed without the will of the Gods made known through auspices. The people of Rome revered their king with a religious awe since he was the mediator between themselves and the Gods.

An augur would perform his ceremonies by reading flight and behavioral patterns of birds in the sky. Depending on the patterns of the birds, the augurs would relate whether the omens from the Gods were favorable or unfavorable. Nature is and will always be the teacher.

By the Old Ways,