Friday, May 25, 2012

The Feast of Latona and Her Twins

It is the Feast of Latona and Her Twins!
Who are Her twins? Diana and Apollo!
Here is a little something I composed as an offering for Latona, Diana and Apollo.

Have a wonderful Feast and to the Loyal Horde in the USA:
Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

Latona of the Golden Spindle,
Mother of the Twins Divine,
On this eve of your Delian feast
I ask you bless both me and mine.
Protect us when we are assailed,
Give us land where we may pause
Turn those who thwart us into frogs
And reveal their inhospitable cause.
Latona, Great Goddess eternal
Of Polus and Phoebe, Hidden One;
We praise, we honor, we adore thee,
And thank the Mother of Moon and Sun.

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