Friday, December 31, 2010

Rockin n Rollin n Resolving

We're in the midst of the biggest rolling spell of the year. What's a rolling spell? Basically it's folks in different time zones raising energy and keeping the momentum going around the clock. Instead of releasing the energy at the same universal time, each participant releases the energy at a certain local time. Say.... midnight?

With almost everyone in the world focusing their energies on a new beginning, why wouldn't you take advantage of the momentum for change? It's a time to celebrate, a time to plan, a time to figure out what you want and to go for it.  With a new calendar there is nothing but possibility ahead of us. We can make new choices and take ourselves in a new direction. It's a new Secular year, so focus on the mundane things you want to make happen. Then back them up with your magick.

Do I have resolutions? Of course. What are they? You'll see as we move into the New Year ;)

Tonight I'll be celebrating endless possibilities and riding the wave of joy and change.

Hail Janus! Hail Jana!

Happy New Year :-)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm on His side.

So this guy, who is in charge of several major departments and never gets a break, finally pushed away from his desk, stretched a bit, spun his chair around, maybe cricked his neck...

No work got done for a while, calls weren't returned, messages didn't get through, and in general, everything went wonky without his constant attention. Now, he's finally spun the chair back to the desk and papers are all out of place from the breeze kicked up. He takes a moment to sigh and get back to work. Constant work, except for maybe 3 or 4 times a year when he needs to slow down and catch his breath.

Mercury goes direct tomorrow. Mercury storm. Technology, travel and communication... He's in charge of a lot and needs a break sometimes, so lay off and qwitcherbitchin!

Full disclosure: I was born during a Mercury storm. He went direct just a few hours before I was born. I love the feeling of this energy. It just feels "right" to me. I think faster, I'm more inspired, I solve problems faster and I clear out old business like gangbusters.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hym to the Sons of Aeolus

The Sons of Aeolus march on our lands, claiming it, dancing, twisting, given visible shape by the freshly fallen powder of snow they churn and stir; Notos and Zephyrus taking the lead. They rejoice in their freedom, the storm having driven all creatures inside. The streets are quiet save for their joyous exhalations, empty save for the glittering, ethereal dancers.

It's exceedingly windy out there after yesterday's major snowstorm. Figured I'd post my musings and jot a note as a reminder to myself of the circumstances which gave rise to it.

What's this place, who are you and why am I here?

What is this place? This is my blog about Italian Magic and pre-christian traditions. I'll be posting thoughts, musings, workshops, info I come across and, honestly, whatever strikes my fancy.

Who are you? To some I'm just another voice on the internet. To others, a student, to others, a teacher. I practice what has been passed down through the various lines of my family, going back to specific regions in what is now Italy. Is this exactly what has been done and passed down since the dawn of human kind? Of course not, nor do I claim it to be (humans just aren't that consistent). I'll talk more about combining traditions in a later post. I am the Priestess of my Family Tradition. How'd that happen? I am the Woman of the House. I am the Keeper of our Family flame. I am in charge of keeping the traditions, the way some women today pass along the family recipes. I pass along the family magic. I've been initiated into the Family Ways and will initiate others as the time is right. I've gotten the go ahead to open my Family trad to others and am stepping into those waters slowly.

Why am I here? No idea. Might be best to turn back now ;)