Thursday, August 30, 2012

Once in...

I've seen a lot of chatter regarding blue moons this week, about how they are especially magical or powerful and grand opportunities for... something.... change, power, etc. Are they? Even most mundane folks know what a blue moon is: two full moons in one calendar month.

Here is where we return to a favorite old theme on the blog: Calendar.

I've ranted, at various lengths, about how the ancient calendar functioned. Well, those were more about how it was dysfunctional and the various attempts to correct it. The pertinent points:

• The calendar used to be lunar.
• Lunar timing does not line up perfectly with solar timing, as in the earth returning to the same spot in relation to the orbit around the sun.
• The solar calendar was adopted, resulting in the occasional occurrence of two full moons in one solar month.

Some don't think this is a big deal, just an imperfect alignment of timing. There can be a blue moon in one part of the world, but not another- depends on the time zone and the international date line.

Some view a blue moon as a big deal, some don't. I personally have gone back and forth. It's a man-made occurrence, but so are many things we celebrate, like New Year's Eve. The energy we give to this not-so-rare occurrence is what makes the difference, just as with New Year's Eve. The energetic ante has been upped, so we might as well use the current of energy!

No matter how you view the significance of a blue moon, I hope you get out there and actually view it!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Sometimes you just have to laugh. Today, I was surfing around (it's a guilty pleasure!) and came upon this little gem. No, I'm not going to launch into a lecture about the origins of each of these saints or their symbolism.

6 Saints With Superpowers Straight from the Marvel Universe 

If your only knowledge of Christian saints is that certain holidays and cities are named after them, hang on to your asses. Some of these guys went down in history because they supposedly could fly, slay dragons and function without heads.

Here are the saints who were only an adamantium skeleton away from joining the X-Men.

I'm off to gigglesnort my way through the rest of

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I have noticed an increase in solitary practitioners. I am referring to people who are solitary by choice, not because there are no other practitioners around them or they haven't picked the right group yet. Have you made a foray into "community" only to walk away again? What did you think of it?

It was so much easier when it was just a family thing. I have come to appreciate Star Foster's work and am reposting her commentary on the state of the pagan community.

I want to know when Paganism is going to grow up. Because it’s really tempting to check out for a few years and come back when it’s reached maturity. There are days, and not just today, when it feels like Paganism is plagued by waves of stupidity and high school politics.

I responded there in the comments:
I think the community is growing up, we're just in Jr. High right now, with occasional the foray into Lord of the Flies territory.
There are too many people who need to be "right" and don't listen to each other. There are too many people who act as if a disagreement is a personal affront (but that seems rampant in our country at the moment and not exclusive to Pagans). There are too many who don't understand that a rising tide lifts ALL boats. They also don't understand that to purposefully sink one ship hurts the entire fleet.

Does "community" distract from the work? In ancient Italia it was the rituals of home (your business, your deities) and of the state. Ours is (supposed to be) a secular nation. Our public rituals are The 4th of July and Memorial Day and Labor Day and President's Day. Back then? You get together, get stuff done, and go back to your daily life and household gods. The Nemoralia? The Eleusinian Mysteries? Not about "community," about getting the work done.

Maybe if more people were actually working instead of playing politics we would be much better off. Maybe we'd just have better skilled bad apples.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Buon Abbondanza!

Tonight we gave thanks for our blessings, for the first harvest, for the beautiful full moon, and shared bread and wine with our Goddess, God, Patrons and Ancestors. Whatever your flavor of this turn of the wheel, I hope you have had a wonderful celebration!

Bellissima dea Diana, 
la Regina delle Streghe,  
Madre di magia, 
seguo il vostro treno,
Ballo nella tua luce, 
mi rallegro nello
stupore della notte. 
I cani alle calcagna, 
Le fate al vostro fianco, 
abbiamo cavalcare
I venti verso l'albero,
per vedere,
dove non abbiamo da nascondere. 
Sorelle e fratelli, danza con me, 
si incontrano nella tondo l'albero