Sunday, December 2, 2012

Retro Thoughts

How did Mercury's latest retrograde treat you?

I was somehow caught off guard by the timing and wasn't prepared. This has lead to several hundred words on the nature of time and Mercury as a Time Lord, but nothing I'm up for sharing  yet. This retrograde felt like an especial throwback to the previous ones of the year. Issues came up not only from the previous one in July/August, but also from March/April.

I have never taken note of a cyclical nature of the retrogrades, and if I did, what would define a cycle? A calendar year? That's as silly to me as assigning importance to a "blue moon" since this calendar is a modern invention based on no significant point in the earth's movement/cycle. Start at Spring when all is even? Start at winter when the potential energy is about to become kinetic and lead us into the equality of Spring?

Astrologically speaking, Mercury wasn't traveling over the same degrees, so why were the same issues coming up, and differently, too? Because the issues never went away, I just processed them differently and came to new conclusions and found a new understanding. The cycle was my own personal one- the time it took me to process and gain new perspective.

I should amend the above question: How did this retrograde change your perspective?

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