Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Gift of Mercury Retrograde

The sun is setting outside right now and casting a beautiful orange glow; It's the perfect background for my latest Mercurial musings...

Everyone fears Mercury retrograde, and rightfully so! Mercury is said to be responsible for travel and transit and commerce and communication and knowledge (the learning and wielding of it)- the very foundations of society. When Mercury appears to turn retrograde in the sky, our basic patterns are disrupted. Sure, that's a bad thing when you're waiting 30 minutes for your train, or your bus doesn't arrive, or that email gets filed in drafts instead of sent, or worse- sent before you intended, or sent to the wrong person! But even a bad wind blows some good around.

The gift of this time is relief from the rut, protection from patterns. (Sorry, I can't think of any more alliterative examples.) This is a disruption in our basic way of thinking- we step outside of our usual patterns, willingly or unwillingly, but there we are. We can see our patterns and ruts and have the opportunity to adjust them. Mercury changes direction only from our perspective, so it is we who change direction, we are the ones seeing things differently, so take the opportunity to really see.

From Feb 23 - March 17th, Mercury retrogrades entirely within the sign of Pisces, from 19 degrees back to 5. Take a look at where this retrograde is in your chart (I like for free natal charts + transits) and use the opportunity to evolve your old patterns into new paradigms.

In the meanwhile, it wouldn't be a bad thing to give more offerings, especially frankencense, fragrant herbs, a poem (a nice haiku?) a song, and perhaps even a hymn.

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