Monday, December 27, 2010

What's this place, who are you and why am I here?

What is this place? This is my blog about Italian Magic and pre-christian traditions. I'll be posting thoughts, musings, workshops, info I come across and, honestly, whatever strikes my fancy.

Who are you? To some I'm just another voice on the internet. To others, a student, to others, a teacher. I practice what has been passed down through the various lines of my family, going back to specific regions in what is now Italy. Is this exactly what has been done and passed down since the dawn of human kind? Of course not, nor do I claim it to be (humans just aren't that consistent). I'll talk more about combining traditions in a later post. I am the Priestess of my Family Tradition. How'd that happen? I am the Woman of the House. I am the Keeper of our Family flame. I am in charge of keeping the traditions, the way some women today pass along the family recipes. I pass along the family magic. I've been initiated into the Family Ways and will initiate others as the time is right. I've gotten the go ahead to open my Family trad to others and am stepping into those waters slowly.

Why am I here? No idea. Might be best to turn back now ;)

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