Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wild and free

She beckons
I abide
I feel her drawing up the tide
Pulling me into Her silver light

I call
She comes
I don't expect the creature's run
Fear fills my chest on this shadow'd night

I dance
She smiles
Her brilliant beam negates the miles
I twist and turn and dance with all my might

She blesses
I am thankful
Union with her daring faithful
I claim once more my divine birthright

Tonight I was drawn outside of my house by the gorgeous moonlight. I had no intention of going out there, but when the light caught my eye, I had to go. I walked out into the full light, away from my back door. I took a moment to connect, to ask for Her presence. Something skittered onto my property from behind me and walked past. My heart proverbially jumped into my throat. I'm a city girl! And that's not usually how She makes Her presence known to me. I still don't know what that was. It wasn't a cat or a rabbit or a raccoon or a skunk. Maybe it was one of those. Maybe it was something else entirely, maybe it was something from another plane. Doesn't matter, it had the intended effect.

We communed about fear, about what it meant to worship outside in The Wild. She is the Goddess of The Wild. You must be Wild to follow Her (or at least have access to that wild part of your nature). This is why Her worship wasn't as widespread in Rome as other Goddesses, ie: Minerva. Diana is The Wild. To run with Her, you must be too. She is controlled chaos. She is random order. The same way Jazz is ordered, but random, the same way drummers fall into rhythm together while playing wildly different patterns.

I couldn't take out my tamburello and play tonight. However! I danced. I danced the fear into excitement. I walked back into my house ecstatic (well, nearly lol), ready to run, and better understanding what that means. I also found more insight into the wild natures of Pan, Dionysos and Hermes and their connection with the Goddess of The Wild.

Buona Caccia di Diana!

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