Saturday, August 11, 2012


I have noticed an increase in solitary practitioners. I am referring to people who are solitary by choice, not because there are no other practitioners around them or they haven't picked the right group yet. Have you made a foray into "community" only to walk away again? What did you think of it?

It was so much easier when it was just a family thing. I have come to appreciate Star Foster's work and am reposting her commentary on the state of the pagan community.

I want to know when Paganism is going to grow up. Because it’s really tempting to check out for a few years and come back when it’s reached maturity. There are days, and not just today, when it feels like Paganism is plagued by waves of stupidity and high school politics.

I responded there in the comments:
I think the community is growing up, we're just in Jr. High right now, with occasional the foray into Lord of the Flies territory.
There are too many people who need to be "right" and don't listen to each other. There are too many people who act as if a disagreement is a personal affront (but that seems rampant in our country at the moment and not exclusive to Pagans). There are too many who don't understand that a rising tide lifts ALL boats. They also don't understand that to purposefully sink one ship hurts the entire fleet.

Does "community" distract from the work? In ancient Italia it was the rituals of home (your business, your deities) and of the state. Ours is (supposed to be) a secular nation. Our public rituals are The 4th of July and Memorial Day and Labor Day and President's Day. Back then? You get together, get stuff done, and go back to your daily life and household gods. The Nemoralia? The Eleusinian Mysteries? Not about "community," about getting the work done.

Maybe if more people were actually working instead of playing politics we would be much better off. Maybe we'd just have better skilled bad apples.

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  1. I believe it is unfortunate that some people still put ego in front of service. Nuff said.