Thursday, August 30, 2012

Once in...

I've seen a lot of chatter regarding blue moons this week, about how they are especially magical or powerful and grand opportunities for... something.... change, power, etc. Are they? Even most mundane folks know what a blue moon is: two full moons in one calendar month.

Here is where we return to a favorite old theme on the blog: Calendar.

I've ranted, at various lengths, about how the ancient calendar functioned. Well, those were more about how it was dysfunctional and the various attempts to correct it. The pertinent points:

• The calendar used to be lunar.
• Lunar timing does not line up perfectly with solar timing, as in the earth returning to the same spot in relation to the orbit around the sun.
• The solar calendar was adopted, resulting in the occasional occurrence of two full moons in one solar month.

Some don't think this is a big deal, just an imperfect alignment of timing. There can be a blue moon in one part of the world, but not another- depends on the time zone and the international date line.

Some view a blue moon as a big deal, some don't. I personally have gone back and forth. It's a man-made occurrence, but so are many things we celebrate, like New Year's Eve. The energy we give to this not-so-rare occurrence is what makes the difference, just as with New Year's Eve. The energetic ante has been upped, so we might as well use the current of energy!

No matter how you view the significance of a blue moon, I hope you get out there and actually view it!

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