Wednesday, January 19, 2011


That's the local name for Mount Etna, which erupted last week. I just read about this. I suppose I haven't heard about recent news out of Italy since my nose has been buried in books about ancient Italy.

So what's this place? Forge of Hephaestus (aka Vulcan)? Is he making weapons for a war? Cave of Polyphemus (cyclops from The Odyssey) whose eye was poked out? Tombstone of Enceladus (tried to kill the Gods, was trapped beneath by Zeus)? Is he making a comeback? It does seem like his mother, Gaea, is wreaking some havoc, I mean with the birds falling from the sky and the fish and the cows dropping dead and the mudslides in south America and the floods in Australia, the sun rising 2 days early in Greenland, and strangest of all: The tourists in NYC actually walking at a decent speed! I wonder what the ancient augurs would say about it...

Whatever might be happening out there, this sure is a Mongibello:

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  1. I Just noticed that the lava looks like a Trident.