Thursday, January 27, 2011


Why do I post something daily (or nightly, as the case has been)? It is an offering in response to a request. It is my offering to Mercury. He wanted words and, I have to say, the tiny amounts I post here barely scratch the surface of what bubbles up when I take the time to sit and think. One thought will float to the surface which will lead me to a book, which leads me to the author's other work, which leads me to a whole new post idea, but wait, there's another book I want to peek in first!

So thank you, Mercury, for leading me deeper into my practice by having to stop and think every night. Even my seemingly random Sappho post from last night was done only after an hour of research. There are things I would love to post about, but I can't give it the treatment it deserves, so I hold onto my notes and wait.

I feel incredibly inspired and incredibly happy to be of service and in service.

So for fun (because what is entertaining if not a service), here's Alessandra Belloni and the Pizzica Tarantata:

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