Thursday, January 19, 2012


Last week there was a kerfuffle about Witches from Salem, including Lori Bruno and Lorelei, who cast a circle and did a spell to help the New England Patriots to win against the Broncos. You can find the article here at the Boston Herald site. An excerpt from the top of the article:

Lorelei and fellow Salem sorceress Lori Bruno will conjure up some pigskin hocus pocus at noon today — which BTW, is Friday the 13th — to neutralize the Sports Illustrated cover curse for Brady and send some Pats-ical magic to Foxboro.

“I’m going to raise the energy of the universe and send out all the good mojo,” said Lorelei (nee Lori Stathopoulos). “Lori will call in the Angels.”

Sadly, the ladies won’t put any hexes on the God-fearin’ Broncos QB at today’s Circle — because that’s not their way...

A friend of mine sent me the link to the article with the question:

"Do you really think things like this advance* us?" *(as in gain acceptance)

My answer:

Absolutely, and without a doubt, Yes.

So many people take their spirituality too seriously, including Pagans and Witches. ZOMG- how can u use ur powrz to influence the outcome of a mere game?!!!*#&#!#!

When the new Yankee Stadium was built someone buried a Red Sox jersey in the cement to curse the place. When it was discovered, one of the Witches from Long Island came out to the stadium and cleansed and blessed it. The newspapers ate it up! The sports segments loved it. It was welcomed and appreciated by Yankee fans. Sports fans can be a tiny bit superstitious! They will take "luck" as they get it. Those of us who nudge probability in our chosen direction... well, this is our meeting point with the muggles, especially those who are into sports.

This was an opportunity for area Witches, who happen to be Patriots fans, to connect with the greater community in a positive way. They didn't hex the other team, they did positive work for their own team and specifically for the quarterback.  Notice the quote from the article which pointed out that they weren't putting a curse on Tebow? And that it was seen as SAD that they weren't?

Would the team have won on their own? Likely. Did the spell work? When was the last time you saw a QB throw SIX touchdown passes in a single game? The record for most td passes in a single game is seven, and it's only been done a few times, with the last instance in 1969. Interesting- we're under similar planetary influences right now. I wonder if someone has developed Football astrology! I digress!

This was a great, lighthearted way to reach out to the other locals. I think Pagans need to get over this idea that there is a big, high wall between the sacred and the profane. Doing things the hard way, or without joy, doesn't earn you extra holy points, it just makes you boring and bitter. When did the Stoics take over the craft?

Will this make bible thumpers turn around and embrace the next Witch they meet? Maybe, maybe not. But this at least reinforces the idea that we are all human, and all on this planet together, and we might even have something in common.

My question to all of you: What are you doing to advance* us?

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  1. I loved all of the publicity that they got for it. Very funny. I'm glad. I think that maybe the more the general public accepts the humorous aspects of what Paganism can be about the more they'll also take it seriously. It seemed to work that way in the UK! It's like Pagan central over there now.