Saturday, January 14, 2012


So sorry I missed the Friday the 13th triskedecaphobia marathon which was yesterday! I saw an article go by which noted that there are 3 Friday the 13ths this year, each being 13 weeks apart! Interesting! However! This is not a superstition in Italy.

I had intended to blog on Wednesday, but was busy hosting the first Temple of Diana podcast! We're in the process of prepping it for itunes and will let you know when it's available!

I miss the Loyal Horde! When a topic arises, I'll write about it here, instead of saving it for a weekly post!

For your amusement, here's a link from Italian Notebook detailing the way some Italians predict the weather for the year with an onion and salt!
Onions and salt to predict the weather in the New Year? Over our years on the land, I’ve learned how farm women can take off il malocchio, how St. Anthony’s image in a stall will keep the animals healthy, how a cross made of woven reeds can protect the crops in the field and that you never shake out a tablecloth nor throw out the crumbs swept off the floor after the Ave Maria (ie, after 6 pm) – and now I’ve learned how to predict the coming year’s weather with onions and salt.

I love this opening paragraph. I don't know this person, but while reading it I was nodding the whole time! Paisan!

Saint Anthony is a patron saint of animals even though Saint Francis is the one who is most often associated with them. The animals in Saint Anthony's lore include a Wolf, a Crow and Lions. Meditate on that for a while once you've read about which Pagan deities he is sync'd with. Makes sense!

The woven cross is a crossroad symbol, like the crossed keys and one of protection.

Never shake out a tablecloth- why? You're throwing away your food supply, prosperity, etc. Crumbs should be swept off the table! The throwing of crumbs after 6 pm? No idea where this comes from. It sounds like common sense, you don't want animals at your door foraging for crumbs. I'd love to know more about this one!

Until next time, Loyal Horde!

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