Monday, June 11, 2012

Animal Medicine.

Good evening all. Tonight's thoughts are on the healing power of mind, body, and spirit through the lessons of the animal kingdom and their messages on how to heal to anyone astute enough to observe their lessons. When you call upon the power of an animal, you are asking to be drawn into complete harmony with the strength of that animals essence. They are part of the pathway to power. The power lies in the wisdom of one's role in the Great Mystery, and in honoring every living thing as a teacher. This is part of the initiation process of Animal Medicine, and brings great power to the healer.
Every year on my birthday I draw a card to see who will be working with me for the upcoming year. Yesterday I pulled the Jaguar.

Sacred Jaguar teach me
To wear my power lightly,
To walk with impeccability,
To approach life with compassion,
And to live up to the integrity of my human potential.

If Jaguar is roaming your dream/reality today, it's primal roar may be rewarding you for remaining your integrity in some situation where you could have easily misused your authority. You may have been unwilling to pass judgement on another, or to be self serving. Were you especially kind to someone or do a good deed that was unexpected? If so, allow the recognition to fill you with feelings of well-being and continue to serve with compassion and and openhearted integrity. Do not falter in your resolve to be your personal best at all times. Maintain your dignity, devotion, and compassion, holding to forthrightness and honesty, no matter what the contrary influences. Do not feed any self-important need to be an "enlightened one," treating others in a self-righteous manner. Jaguar medicine teaches you that personal integrity allows for mistakes, embraces forgiveness, and humbly makes self-directed corrections, allowing a rebalanced spirit to triumph once again.
May you all come to know your animal totems.

Many Blessings,

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