Sunday, June 17, 2012

Italian Pastry

So I was in my local Italian pastry shop today looking to get some cannolis for father's day and low and behold I find this bag of Alberti Maglia Allo Strega candies at the cash register. I ask the woman behind the counter what they are all about. She couldn't really explain them so she gives me a sample. I open the package to find three witches flying around the top of the package. Inside there is a delicate extra fine shell of milk chocolate enclosing a fresh and succulent cream. The flavor is the result of selected specialties like Liquor Strega. The producer of the famous Liquor Strega (Witches Liquor) is Alberti for 150 years. These milk chocolate truffles filled with a creme flavored  Strega Liquor are excellent in my humble opinion. Each bag contains 12 Pieces of Magie allo Strega. My cost at this specific Italian bakery was $9.99. Certainly a must have while keeping company with other Italian Streghe.

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  1. A friend brought some of these home from a trip to Italy last year. Oh. My. Gods!! They are soooo good!!!! ^_^

  2. sounds absolutely yummy.. will have to look for them when I go back to my 'old neighborhood' :)

  3. sounds yummy.... I'll have to look for them when I go to the 'old neighborhood' :)