Monday, June 4, 2012

Speaking of Oils...

Good Evening All. Last night the night of the June full moon, we got together for a little working. We have come up with our own special blend of oil for our dear friends and compatriots. Of course it's contents are of the secretive nature but none the less very powerful. We are not looking to sell this formula, but to share it with those who work with us, both near and far. We will be hosting open workshops, classes and circles in NYC, NJ and CT. We certainly are not looking for quantity, but much prefer quality practitioners who have a serious interest in the Old Ways.

With that said, I would like to share some of the more public formulas of oils created in honor of Italian deities:


2 drops Vervain
2 drops Violet
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Pine
1 drop Yarrow
1 drop Frankincense
1 drop Myrrh


2 drops Heather
2 drops Cinnamon
2 drops Clove
3 drops Cedarwood

Drops each

Dragons Blood


2 drops Holly Berry
2 drops Pine
2 drops Ginger
1 drop Bay
1 drop Myrrh


2 drops Musk
2 drops Ginger
2 drops Palmarosa
1 drop Pine


5 drops Jasmine
3 drops Sandlewood
2 drops Myrrh
1 drop Pine
1 Flower

May these formulas help any of you in your magickal journey.
By the Old Ways,

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