Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Greetings all, tonight's topic is contacting the elemental beings. These would be the four elements of creation. Earth - Gnomes; Air - Sylphs; Fire - Salamanders; and Water - Nymphs or Undines.

First you must believe in Elementals. Your belief strengthens and gives them energy.

Be happy and enthusiastic, they are not attracted to depressed sad humans.

Go to places in nature as often as possible. Walk along a seashore, forests, lie in a meadow, listen to birds, or sit by a brook.

Appreciate the beauty in nature, when you do this, elementals will be attracted to you.

Connect with nature by growing flowers, planting trees, and feeding birds.

With gratitude and love send energy to elementals who watch over water and mountains to keep them healthy.

Take time to stop and smell the roses, free yourself from planning and constantly organizing.

Create a space in your house to clear your head and just let magick happen.

To contact an elemental who wants to work with you, sit in a quiet natural place, close your eyes and call this elemental to you. Watch what kind of elemental comes. Ask it what it's name is and what it's gift is. Listen to this elemental on an on going basis, and your relationship will become stronger.

I have journeyed to the underworld and was totally amazed with watching and working with the gnomes. It was during dream time but I will never forget this vivid journey. All you have to do is just believe.

Many Blessings,

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