Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Go shorty... It's your birthday...

Well, tomorrow is! No, not yours... Mine!

Tonight is Bethmas Eve! Forgive me for the quickie as bday activities are rollin' already and I want to start playing with my presents!

I realized that today marks 20 years since my Sweet 16 party. It is also the anniversary of when I was initiated and came out as Pagan. My party theme was "astrology." Each table's centerpiece was a different astrological sign; the balloons were red, white, and black; the favors were large clear "crystal" balls on gold pedestals with a rose in the middle which said: "May your future come up roses." In Brooklyn, in my family and circle of friends, astrology was no big deal. All manner of fortune telling was perfectly acceptable and not particularly strange at all.

What boys will do for a girl

For some reason, during that summer season of Sweet 16s, it was popular for the boys to get together form a 10-man pyramid lol
So I even had a magical pyramid that night.

 It was the year I became a vegetarian, the year I told my Mother I would no longer be participating as a catholic, explained to her what my path was now, and it was the year I made my full time dedication to this path and to Diana. I'm vegan now, I'm a Mom now, I'm a Priestess now, and I'm finally understanding the magic which has been woven into the modern religious tradition which most Italians embrace. I'd like to think that our Ancestors put it there so that despite what the politics became, and what the abuses of power were, the magic would still be alive, still grow, still touch us, and still make miracles happen. What the church couldn't suppress, it adopted. Look at just how much of our magic still lives because the people wouldn't let it go... (That's what half of my blog posts are about! lol)

I'd like to think I've learned at least some of what my Elders were trying to teach me. There's so much more. Guess I'd better stfu and get to work, huh?

Tomorrow? Perhaps the Greek and Roman origins of Birthday Cakes!

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