Saturday, October 29, 2011


In the same week I have been to an event where we discussed plans for a completely silent ritual and another to where the attendees were admonished that if they don't shout and scream the chants or names or other participatory bits that they are insulting their ancestors and the deities they're trying to call down. 

The former was pitched as an exercise to work on running energy as a group and focusing on intent more than on "doing the pretty" and coming up with a fancy speech for every element of the ritual.

The later was part of a Strega influenced ritual and the other was a voodoo ritual led by the Dragon Ritual Drummers who are amazing! Thankfully, they stopped after each song to give some history on and to introduce the song after. Otherwise we would have had a room filled with tranced out folk. I had to focus to make sure I didn't get rolled by the energy.

I think my patrons and my ancestors understand that sometimes things have to stay silent and at other times I can "lift my voice." That phrase shows the pretty talk for what it can be: An offering. You can make offerings with your voice and not just with singing or poetry recitation. Speaking Their names, both deities and ancestors helps them to manifest on this plane.

So all of this brings me to the question, which I would love some feedback on:

How do you use your voice magically, especially in relation to devotion work and to spell work?

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