Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shut up already!

I thought a nice way to conclude month number 9 (wow two-thirds of the way through this year of daily blogging!) would be to post something for when you want the tongues to stop wagging about you. Almost any publicity is good publicity, but when the summer season comes to a close and vacations are far behind us or far off in the future, people like to gossip and feed the rumor mill.

A quick stfu spells:

Black and white candle dressed with stop gossip oil. Charge the candle with your intent of eliminating the drama and smack-talk and gossip and replacing it with praise. Super simple. The oil is already out there, just stop by your friendly neighborhood (or internet) botanica.

Another favorite: Write the name of the offenders (or a general "people gossiping and speaking against me") on paper, roll the paper tightly and put it in a ziplock full of water. Then toss it in the back of your freezer. If you're not sure who the folks are who've been talking about you, notice who seems cold all the time... ;)

And yet another: Make a poppet, stuff it with clove, chia, slippery elm bark, and include the gossiper's name and birthdate. After charging the poppet, use red thread to sew their mouth shut!

One last remedy: The ancient Romans had padlocks, much like the ones we have today. Padlock through the person's mouth on their picture, or just write their name and birthdate, draw a mouth and padlock that.
This is also a way to keep a secret between two people. Remember that the key is an important symbol in Italian Witchcraft; It stands to reason that its counterpart is equally useful!

I've shared a few effective tho relatively harmless remedies tonight, so let's leave off with a few Italian proverbs. First, to the loyal horde, a word of advice: "The best armor is to keep out of range"

For the smack talkers: "If you scatter thorns, don't walk around barefoot."

"Those who sleep with dogs will wake up with fleas."


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  1. Personally I love the paper in the zip lock filled with water laying in the back of the freezer. That's a keeper!