Saturday, October 29, 2011

Puttin on the Ritz

Something I've rarely seen discussed in connection with Hallows Eve is the use of costume/clothing as a magical spell for the coming year. I've mentioned enchanting clothes before, but this concept takes it a step further: What you dress up as, and therefore personify, is the energy you will bring into your life in the coming year. I remember Laurie Cabot wrote something about this in one of her early books.

I went to a Witches Ball last night all fancied up and just added a few props and tokens to personify Ariadne. I was dressed in Purple as befitting the wine God's wife; I had a purple minoan labyrinth drawn under my collar bone. I also carried a minotaur with me and red thread. It was a little silly and a little clever. It also wasn't the costume I'm wearing to ring in the second half of autumn (tho the weather appears to have decided it's winter already).

I will reveal my costume for this year on Tuesday ;)

Are you planning to dress up as something or someone else? Care to share?

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