Monday, October 31, 2011

Everyone is a Witch on Halloween

The streets were filled tonight with sorcerers and sorceresses and Druids and Roman and Greek and Norse Gods. Glindas abounded, as did denizens of Hogwarts. However, tonight the streets were ruled by Witches.

We are everywhere.

Including drumming and chanting in front of the preacher on the corner I blogged about last night; He was filled with hate, but the crowd was filled with love, especially love for the Witches who were dancing with joy. I attended a public ritual tonight where hundreds of people shared in the giving and receiving of ancestral blessings. It was a wonderful crowd. Yes, there were many tourists, but this was more than gawking at a spectacle, they were sharing in a special experience on a special night.

We encountered bored teenagers, slutty nurses/librarians/fairytale characters, steampunks, parents and babies, trick-or-treaters on the hunt for free candy, tourists on haunted tours, and those of us who were happy enough just to be able to walk around decked out in our pentacles and other symbols, and our robes, capes and ritual wear.

Some of those Witchy costumes were so good that I couldn't always tell if they actually were Pagan of some variety or just Pagan for tonight. No matter: Everyone is a Witch on Halloween!

Don't just scarf down candy tonight: Offer some to your dearly departed. Light a candle and give Them your thanks because without them, you wouldn't be here!

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