Monday, October 31, 2011

Sidewalk Preachers

It's a rant tonight.

These preacher people with their microphones or megaphones are all over the place right now, believing that their hate-speech is somehow "saving" people. If these assholes really cared about people they wouldn't be spewing such vile hatred from their mouths.

What good does it do to berate people for not living the exact way some random asshole believes they should? Don't like magic? Don't practice it! Think homosexuality is wrong? Don't have sex with others of your gender! Another don't: Don't be a hypocrite!!! These people are representing a religion who has killed and continues to undermine the lives of (when not outright killing) people whose choices they don't agree with! They do things in the name of Jesus and the kj version of the bible when they don't even know the history of either and don't want to know it. They can't answer intelligent questions about their beliefs, they just spew their hatred on all within hearing distance.

No, not every single christian does this, I don't lump them all together the way some do to us, but I have to agree with Dan Savage: if you're one of them and not trying to change things from the inside then you're a bigger part of the problem than the hate mongers.

You can only make choices for yourself, take responsibility for the path you walk with your own feet, and above all else, mind your own business. I think it is offensive to the Gods to kill animals. However, you're not going to find me outside of a steak house standing on a soap box with a bullhorn telling people how horrible they are and that they need to stop how they are living and repent. Why? It's not my business! MY choices are my business. If your way is so great, lead by example and others will see it and follow.

These people must serve some purpose. I suppose it's to remind us that we must be vigilant against the forces of ignorance and bullshit. Yes, I was happy to see the crowd giving this one jack ass with a bullhorn as much shit as he was dishing out. I was even happier at the number of people who just ignored him and went about their business.

That's what I'm about to do now. However, if he's back tomorrow, I reserve the right to cast a circle of silence around him. I will bring chalk with me. Ha! I will post about the circle of silence another time! Off to get some sleep and enjoy Hallows Eve!

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