Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dancing with Ereshkigal

I was debating posting this. I don't often share such personal experiences, but as I've thought about it, the idea of posting this has felt better and better.

This evening I had time to myself and used it to Journey. I "centered" myself and entered through a door here on my land.  I've been there before and had something in mind of what to expect. I realized that was a mistake, I didn't want to impose my own ideas, I wanted the reality of the place. Once through the door, the passage was completely dark. I walked a much longer way than expected to reach the area I had been to previously. I came to a shore, it was that packed wet sand that doesn't get between your toes and isn't muddy either. There I met Mercury in his full travel regalia. He led me into the boat. The boatman briefly revealed himself then became invisible. Funny, his disappearance looked the same way as in Harry Potter when he donned the invisibility cloak but with a spin instead.

I journeyed across the water to the other side. It wasn't a long trip, but the water was "active." The ride wasn't smooth and I saw the water come in over either side of the walls of the boat, a comic book blue color. As soon as it touched the bottom of the boat it shrank away as if recoiling.

I stepped out of the boat onto a similar shore. Only there, I saw an empty throne which on my last trip had been occupied. This time, there was only Her. Ereshkigal, Great Queen of the Underworld. She looked the same as the last time I journeyed there: Covered head to toe in all black with some gold decoration - a fringe of small gold baubles on her forehead over her eyes, the only part which wasn't covered. I walked to where she was seated and she stood and faced me. She took my hands. Hers were completely white and her clothes seemed to follow her, as if a cape were hooked to each wrist I realized later that this symbolized wings. She and I danced together and as we danced, we talked. She didn't waste words and was very to the point, After we talked and danced, She asked me to dance for Her and I did: It was incredibly freeing. I also found myself dressed in completely different clothing than when I had first arrived. The dance was my gift to Her, an offering for meeting with me.

I think I'm ok with posting this because part of what we discussed included something for me to contemplate, a kind of offer to accept. I asked for time to think about it, but once I returned, thanks to a quick flying Mercury, I knew exactly what I needed to do and got to it. I suppose this blog is my answer. I don't know if I have it in me to do another journey tonight considering I'm still under the weather. I'm not sure I need to. They don't always need you to tell them in person. I feel her smiling as I write this.

I had started a different post on the history of Sumeria, Akkadia, Babylon and Assyria, but was called to this instead. We'll do a history lesson another time. Meanwhile, you can get a head start on wiki because yes, this does relate back to Italy! But so does everything ;)

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