Monday, August 15, 2011


I've heard from other Witches who have called on Diana this weekend. The message is much the same:

She is frustrated. It's time to stop hating on each other and stand up, together, as Her children. Here is what came through for my cousin:
"It is time to join together and be whole in these times. It is up to us to be leaders and have faith in each other and for the goodness of mankind, because something is about to change."
Mio fratello had a more severe warning: Step up or be cut off. He was much more eloquent than that but I don't feel at liberty to share the words, just the basic sentiment. I had a similar feeling. I was told I didn't speak at all during the surprise trance portion of yesterday's ritual, that it was all movement. I'm remembering more now that a day has passed, and I hope to remember even more in another day. I remember bits and pieces, but they're only visuals- snapshots of what happened. Except for one thing:

At one point, I felt a wave of anger wash over Her/me. The anger was born of Her frustration at people hiding their gifts, afraid to use them and be out there shining their light- Her light. Knowing you have power and not using it is as bad as misusing that power.

And so we're not all maudlin here in this quickie post, I want to share that yesterday, Apollo made his presence known and he was amused! Since I don't write a script and just let things flow, he stepped in during my circle casting and I was speaking in rhyming couplets the whole way round. I couldn't stop talking like that and had to shut him out! I've talked in iambic pentameter in the past too. The cagey Apollo! heehee

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