Thursday, August 11, 2011


And yet another form of Mercury! Today I was so happy to find the top article on The Juggler. It's a look at Romeo and Juliet from a Pagan perspective, specifically in regard to Queen Mab and to Mercury. I recommend reading the article. It illustrates several reasons why I adore "Shakespeare" plays. I like how they illustrate Mercutio, even though I don't think they went far enough, but I forgive them! ;)

 So- a Shakespearean character named for all intents and purposes “Mercury”: A noble youth (young enough to pal around with Romeo), possessed of a formidable verbal wit (one would not wish to be on the receiving end of Mercutio’s rapier-like scorn), and a sense of honor and temperament firm enough that it is Tybalt’s jeering insults regarding Romeo that cause Mercutio to take out his sword and challenge Tybalt to the duel that will end Mercutio’s life.

John Barrymore as Mercutio
A fascinating conflict-of-philosophy is uncovered when Mercutio and Romeo make their entrance (I.iv) in the company of various other guys, intent upon the Capulets’ ball. Romeo reveals himself as a Romantic, longing for the ecstasy of romantic love and complaining (in kind of masochistic tones) about how horribly painful it is to be “out of love.” Mercutio does not seem to share or understand this attitude at all- unlike Romeo, who interprets love in emotional (and heterosexual) terms, Mercutio consistently speaks in terms of erections (“pricks”/ “beating love [one's erect penis] down”), and is never seen outside the companionship of other men. Whereas Romeo is in an agony over the pangs of unrequited love (but soon to be moved to the heights of ecstatic love), Mercutio is a sexually graphic individual, possessed of a kind of masturbatory personality, and apparently very penis-oriented.


I've been working with Him often, especially during this retrograde. I had some idle time between clients today and began to meditate on Mercury. When I was done with my meditation, I checked the time which lead to my checking facebook. That is where I saw the title of this article at the top of my newsfeed.

Two of my loves, Mercury and Shakespeare, together in a moment of synchronicity!

Dear Mercury,

Thanks for the love note!

Yours Always,


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