Monday, August 29, 2011

Weathering the Storm

I hope everyone is safe and well, with power and supplies! We had a tense night here. The power was out for about 6 hours, but that was just before sunrise. To prep kiddo for possible emergency conditions, I put things in the context of Little House on the Prairie: No electricity, depending on their stock of food and water, working with the land, depending on the sun and moon for light, and finding fun things to do that didn't involve electronics! As an aside, I had a total crush on Almonzo when I watched the Little House tv series. I felt old when he showed up as Buffy's dad. >.<

I was thinking about how our ancestors lived in the moment, with the seasons, by the land and by the moon. Kiddo watched a tv show where the group went out at night on a full moon and they were scared- they said it was "spooky." We talked about how the full moon was an awesome time because it was bright at night and you could actually see. The Dark Moon was more worrisome because there really was no light by which to find your way after sunset.

Makes me think about ancient dark moon rites. I don't think too many folks were gathering outside. This celebration was done in the family home, at the hearth, or on a sacred spot on the family property. Well, at least in my family. I don't want to assume what others did.

This isn't a deep diary tonight. It's been a tense day. We'll pick back up tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who sent prayers, energy and offerings to protect and support us and everyone in the path of the hurricane!

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  1. I am glad you're all doing alright so far. My sister-in-law who lives outside of Philadelphia was without power for 20 hours but didn't have much in the way of damage or flooding.

    I often think too about how our ancestors lived by the seasons, moon tides, sunrise and sunset. I actually long for the ability to do so myself. I find that I feel more 'right' if I do things that are more in season, like eating a hearty root vegetable stew in late fall or planting things in the spring.