Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Holding Back

I find that when something is important, be it a spell, a ritual, an initiation, reading a certain book which you know will change your perspective, so many things seem to get in the way. I was carpooling with a cohort to her dedication ritual. She was late to my house because she fell on the ice getting to her car.

Another anecdote involves a train running late, a cat who hairballed on a robe, mundane life getting in the way where work piles up and new projects get dropped on desks out of the blue. Sometimes it's just a feeling of lethargy that can overtake you. You get too lazy to do The Work, or it starts to feel overwhelming. The later is what happens to me: I rebel against my to-do list when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

So what to do? I think this is where the importance of community comes in, why so many Strega will commune with the wiccans when it's just not their flavor. Humans are social creatures (tho my husband might object to that statement lol Hi sweetie, love you, no this isn't a test to see if you read my blog). I spoke to a friend about this feeling and she helped me to kick my own ass and get over it. I wasn't running to put on a robe, but as soon as I felt well today, I got that proverbial tap on the shoulder, that whisper in my ear. I knew what I needed to do, how I needed to do it, and that I had to do it that very minute. Happily, I was available and got right to business. I feel so much better having gotten past that hurdle. All of which brings me to the question:

Are these obstacles self-imposed? Are they manifestations of what we project? Do we not want that initiation, that knowledge, that rite? Are they imposed by those who wish to foil our work? Negative energies or entities? Are the obstacles sent by those who would test us to make sure this is what we really want?

More questions than answers. Let's thank the high dose of vitamin c for tonight's ramblings. I'm off to read more about Archangels and angels in general and their presence in Babylon and hope to hear other thoughts on the matter.

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  1. Personally, I think it could a little bit of both. Somtimes we do it to ourselves, out of fear and other times the Universe is just telling us to wait or hurry...