Monday, August 22, 2011


I used to DJ an internet radio show and for a while I've been thinking about doing it again. I was introduced to so much diverse music thanks to my listeners sending in requests. That's part of what I miss- the adventure of discovery. I've taken a poll tonight, asking what my Pagan Friends have been listening to. I personally have Firebird's Child by SJ Tucker stuck in my head! What are you listening to, Pagan-wise? Kindly share in comments here or on the facebook page!

Songs stuck in other heads:

Calling the twelve Gods -  Daemonia Nymphe

The Magus - Cassandra Syndrome

The Burning Times - Charlie Murphy

Mind Of The Wonderful -  Blank & Jones

Hope you've had a bit of fun discovering some new songs along with me. I'll leave you tonight with the video for the number one Pagan song virus, Inkubus Sukubus and their Wytches Chant. It really is a good bedtime song! 

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  1. While I was at PSG (the Pagan Spirit Gathering), a priestess of Hekate recommended Daemonia Nymphe to me and I have yet to be disappointed. I have been listening to Nocturnal Hecate on repeat for the last hour!