Friday, August 5, 2011

Hail Mercury!

We're back in that special time of year when Mercury turns retrograde. I've posted about this previously, in last December's warm-up to daily blogging. Someone I know created a fb page for people to post Mercury retrograde horror stories! :-o Therefore, tonight's blog entry is dedicated to the many wonderful aspects of Mercury retrograde and I invite you to add to the happy!

Many months ago, I was contacted by a few of my dearly departed relatives, one of whom told me to call my cousin, her granddaughter. My cousin and I had been out of touch for years. No one I knew had her number. I had her email address, or so I thought, and sent her an email. No response. What happens today? She calls me out of the blue. She spoke with another cousin who had been out with my mother just the day before and was able to get my phone number. I told her about the contact immediately and that I was told to get in touch with her. I feel like a new door has opened, or rather, a door I thought I lost the key to.

How did this happen? Mercury Retrograde. Talk about old business! He can provide new opportunities, new insight, new points of view and new energy. I'm energized!

Yes, of course crazy stuff can happen during this time too, but I'm tired of too many complaining and not enough praising the opportunities. Call me a fuffy white-lighter if you must. I think I'm Opposite-Dame: If everyone is complaining, there must be something good ;)

Are you willing to look for the (quick)silver lining in this retrograde?

Detail of The Festival of Psyche, tapestry by Giulio Romano

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  1. I used to have positive MR's. I thought it was because I am a Gemini...but the last couple of years - no so much (recent example:my car AC died on Thursday :(..

    But then as I write this, I realize - I haven't been my usual Gemini-self in a while.. maybe that's why. Maybe I have to find my inner Gemini again ... and Mercury and I will get back to our previous relationship....