Monday, February 28, 2011


According to the intertubes, the definition is: "An inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult." That fits. If you explore the concept a bit more, the perceived personal insult comes from the overinflated ego of the perceiver. People with big egos, who feel entitled for no good reason other than the fact that they believe their own hype, will often be disappointed, especially when it comes to the magickal meeting the mundane. Example: Today I thought I had been offered a part in a ritual (That's the mundate and magickal meeting. You need to pick people to do the work). When I'd called to talk about what I'd need to do for the offered role I found out that I missed an e-mail where the offer was made as an oops and I was actually being considered for a different role. There was a tense moment on the phone; I felt like I had to declare that I was willing to do whatever was needed. It's true. I'll go where I'm needed and if I'm not needed, I'm not offended. Everyone has different energies and different abilities and some energies are not required, or sometimes detrimental, to a magickal. That one moment of tension, before I said I'd be happy to do anything, made me very sad for this person I really respect. They must have had to deal with ego conflicts and folks getting butthurt about roles for that kind of tension to automatically come up. The Work is often Personal work and we're all supposed to grow as individuals. Growing as a group is a whole different matter. This isn't the high school play where if you don't get the lead role it's the big tragedy of your life. Unfortunately for some it is. Perspective for sale 5¢

Apologies for the quickie, just got back from Sacred Spaces and I'm wiped out! Back tomorrow to see if I typed anything coherent just now.

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