Tuesday, February 22, 2011


They're thought of as Indian in origin, but the Greeks and Romans did have their knowledge and philosophy of chakras too. I enjoy the work of Anodea Judith and Barbara Brennan, tho not so much Carolyn Myss. Just a personal preference, not sure why. I know she really resonates with some people, I suppose I'm not one of them. I've recently been doing chakra work and it helps me immensely. I'll be facilitating a chakra workshop this summer. I feel very strongly about this system and its ease of use. It's not just for "balancing" yourself, it's a way to focus and channel very specific energy. It's the basis for much color healing. It's a wonderful way to be in touch with your power and as a check on how it flows. I'm trained in acupressure and it always helps me to check in with a client's chakras as a clue to where to focus my attention. If the heart chakra is blocked, I can facilitate the release of grief or fear. One system helps the other. You should be able to cross-reference, or check your energetic work. Using conflicting systems is no help to anyone and could well drive you mad (at some point you just need to decide between Chaldean numerology and Pythagorean since the two contradict each other).

For a few minutes every day I focus on my energy flow from bottom to top and top to bottom. I do this when I wake up and before I go to bed. If I can manage it right after I wake up, I get a better picture of how my chakras really are, without the layer of the day over it. Before bed, I can see where the day has taken me energetically and try to let go of what needs to go and bring in whatever it is I need more of.

There are yoga postures, exercises, dances, songs, oils and incenses all intended to balance or cleanse your chakras. My favorite chakra cleanse? A nice hot shower.

Off to cleanse! Back again tomorrow!

PS: Buon Feralia e Caristia! "Feralia was a Roman feast honoring the "infernal powers". It typically fell on February 22 and was the last day of the Parentalia, a week-long festival that honored the dead." It's also the Caristia, which I mentioned in a previous post, the family reunion type celebration. On Saturday, the family got together "for no particular reason" other than we hadn't seen each other since the winter holidays. We visited with cousins I haven't seen in too long and had a wonderful time. Funny how the holiday is instinctual!

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