Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is a quickie, as much of the week will be...

My train of thought tonight? Water, emotion, contact.... There's a spell I Love that involves charging a glass of water. The harder the contact (someone you haven't seen in years), the more water you need and the longer it takes. Take what you feel is an appropriate amount of water, charge it in your favorite way (but no salt!) and pour it into whatever serves as your chalice/goblet/etc while imaging and intoning the name of the person you're trying to contact. You can get fancy and use planetary hours, do it on a Wednesday during the hour of Mercury, wear orange... I like to write the name of the person on a piece of paper, fold it, and place it under the chalice.

I usually have a dream that night about the person and the situation. Contact often follows before the water has evaporated. Do not keep this in a room with a humidifier, it will take a long time! lol

Oh look, it's nearly Wednesday! Have fun!

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