Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trance is trance is trance?

I participated in a trance dance last night. More specifically, a conjure dance. Everyone was asked to wear white. There were altars to all manner of deities and offerings of alcohol, cakes, chocolates, coffee, and beads. I had a great time, except for the 3 guardians who were harshing my buzz! to explain:

There was drumming and an awesome singer and everyone was dancing, inviting deity to possess or fill them. That was interesting. Since Tarantella is a type of trance dance, I figured I'd see how compatible both forms were. I found there were many things in common, many of the same moves and techniques I could use to invite in my patrons, but there were a few things that I honestly just could not make my body do; For example: There were hand gestures I couldn't use. My fingers and wrists just wouldn't go that way. While my Patrons were invited by those running the dance, and invited by me personally into me, They were not the ones guarding or running or venerated for the group.

I mentioned Guardians above. To explain: There were 3 people who didn't dance to go into trance. They were armed with Florida water and watching the crowd both energetically and actually. They were there to catch those who fell and help those who were possessed. Several people were, including me.

The entire experience is like surfing. Starting the dance is like paddling out to find a wave. The Spirit who enters you is that wave. You either crash and fall, or you work together, reading each other and you ride the wave to shore. All of them came over the several times I was riding the wave gently. I'm glad they could tell, but I was annoyed a few times that they basically pulled me out of it just with the smell of the florida water on their hands and whatever they were doing energetically. They were putting a damper on it. There was one time that I used a technique from Tarantella and when I felt I was about to be completely taken over, as in black out or lose myself to the dance, I stopped and steadied myself. I'm glad there was a guardian nearby to catch me (more glad I didn't need it) and went on with the dance.

It was a fun, interesting experience and I give thanks to those who coordinated it, the singers, drummers and even the buzz-harshing Guardians :-D

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