Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Met!

Today I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with 2 friends. I adore the Met. The Temple of Dendur is there. The whole temple. It's a wonderful, light, energizing feeling. Especially now that they've added a statue of the Priestess who presided there. She's in there. I loooove that part of the Egyptian collection. What I do not love is the hallway you have to traverse to get there. The left wall is lined with spells for the dead. They have some serious juice in there. Walking down that hallway makes me nauseous. I went into two sections I had never visited. Both were rather narrow and had cases on either side, like a supermarket aisle. Both were filled with magickal objects including wands and knives and libation bowls. I thought I would fall down. Next time I go there, I'm bringing hematite, eating bread, and using more tricks up my sleeve which take some pre-planning and preparation.

After exploring the Egyptian wing and having a nice, grounding lunch, we went to the Greek and Roman galleries. We didn't get to explore the whole area, but we hit the highlights, including a much replicated statue of Hekate, the mosaic of Daphne, a replica of a Persephone and Demeter Eleusinian relief, someone's bedroom, amazing mirrors, jewelry, and gold crowns, scabbards, and cameos.

We didn't even try to get up to the 2nd floor lol

I'm exhausted, but promise to get some links up to my favorite pieces at The Met. Maybe one of these days I'll lead a walk through that wing and hit my favorite highlights.

2/16: Added a few links and will pick a date in the spring to hit the galleries!

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