Thursday, February 24, 2011

Knock, knock. Who's there? Air! Air? Hail and Welcome!

Last night was water, so I'm making tonight about Air. My favorite bit of air work involves incense. I love burning incense as an offering, to cleanse a space, or to scry. It's something like scrying with fire, but instead of listening to pops, crackles and flame colors, in this case you follow the pattern of smoke, the direction, and how fast the incense burns. It's a favorite way of mine to honor Mercury.

This past Sunday I took a long drive and noticed at least 6 different groups of birds. I tried to take note of their direction, the patterns the groups created, and how long it took for them to wing the way out of sight. Unfortunately I was driving and couldn't give them (and their messages) the attention they deserve. I had to smile tho, thinking about the augurs of old. I felt a connection and sent out a thought of appreciation for them and for the art.

We had that freak snow the next day. Maybe that's why they were whirling about! It was time to take cover!

Speaking of time to take cover, I just drove down to Sacred Spaces and I need to pass out so I can hit the workshops tomorrow!

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