Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Love Hangover

Eh, not quite. More like burned out from the past week. I thought I had an energetic hangover from the conference, but no, it was more from dealing with my in-laws who were about an hour away from the conference. Visiting them was the price I paid to go. I might start a conference up here just so I don't have to go down there again LOL j/k I have enough on my plate.

Like what, you ask? I'm hosting/facilitating a 202 series this Spring and Summer. I'm tired of the plethora of 101 classes out there and think more advanced classes need to be made available. Call it Grad School for Pagans. I will be bringing in speakers, teachers, experts and teaching a class or two myself. Most will be practical, some will be Italian focused, and a few will be specific to Society of Diana and required knowledge for those who wish to practice with us. There will be chakra work, advanced tarot, energy work, a full reiki series, color therapy, tarantella, communicating with Patrons and Ancestors, and lots of other fun stuff. Need some 101 to catch up? No worries, there will be a few of those too or a way to catch up, just contact me for more info once I have the series set up. I will post here and on Facebook.

So what to do for an energy hangover? Meditation. Tune into the neutral channel and let your mind rest. Dreaming is not restful- you're dreaming! Close your eyes and enjoy as much darkness and silence as possible. Also, do what you would normally do for a hangover: hydrate. Drink lots of water, take care of your physical body too. Shower to clean off your aura as well as your body. Keep the food light and sweet. Avoid heavy foods or things that grow from the ground. Choose fruit instead of veggies. The opposite is true when you're as high as a kite on energy. In that case you want salt instead of sweet, earthy instead of light. When I was flying on energy over a week ago, I ate a baked potato when I got home and it instantly grounded me. If I'd had one in the fridge I would have eaten a beet. A raw beet is the perfect food for grounding. It grows under ground, is the color of the root chakra and supports your blood with its high iron content. I've had a nice glass of apple-carrot-beet juice to come down from ritual on days when I'm juice fasting. mmmmm red earth energy drink. For this hangover? Water, pears, lemons, oranges, blueberries. Look at that, in one paragraph I've combined food magick and color therapy, two topics we'll get into this season! Can't wait!

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