Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clearing the air

I have been in a major funk this past week! I think it's due to the time change, the "daylight" savings" business. I don't like changing it in November- October was late enough. At least then the shift to darkness was more gradual; We'd have a few weeks of darkness starting in the vicinity of 5:30 pm instead of the sun being gone at 4:45 all of a sudden! I slacked on my offerings, felt worse, slacked on the housework, felt worse....

Once I realized that I hadn't been doing my offerings at the hearth I grabbed my magic water and stated sprinkling the place. Followed it with sage, then followed it again with a special home blessing incense.
Then I did a quick ceremony where I took fire from the hearth and lit candles.

Inside of 15 minutes the entire place felt better and my energy changed dramatically. I'm usually good about keeping up with my offerings but somehow this got away from me and They let it be known quickly!

Tomorrow I'm going to take out all of the garbage and recycling and vacuum and then clean the floor with a little combo of herbs that Grandma would use. One of the ingredients: Lemon! Nothing like citrus to perk you up.

Now that I am sufficiently perked, I am off to tackle my ever growing book list, which I plan to update some time soon!

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