Saturday, November 12, 2011

More calendrical bullshit

Way too many people have been talking about 11/11/11. Facebook has been effing flooded with hippie fluffy crystal bunny new age run amok namby-pamby fluffernutter hooey. Yep, it's rant night. The Etruscans and Romans had their market days, and I have my rant nights.

I don't understand the appeal. Hubby calls it odometer mentality. It's nice to see the numbers roll around and be all symmetrical and what-not. Hmm I disagree with hubby- it's not "odometer mentality." It's Jackpot mentality! Hate to have to be the one to tell you this:

You don't automatically win something just because some numbers matched up!

I've posted here many times on the calendar fuckery from different societies and different cultures and who imposed what on whom. So this is 11/11/11 in the current era Gregorian Calendar which everyone uses so the world can do business. Fanfrickintastic. However, this is not the first calendar, nor is it the last calendar. Nor is it the only calendar.

Today is also 14 Cheshvan, 5772. 
The Assyrian calendar is up to 6761.
It's 12011 in the Holocene calendar, dating from the start of the Human Era.
The Berber calendar is nearly at 3k. Will people go batshit crazy on 03/03/3000? Not likely.

The only thing special about this day is the attention being given to it. Sounds like Snooki. If you can elevate this date in your mind, why not any date? Why not wake up and decide you are more powerful now? Why not cloak yourself in power and become who and what you wish to be? Sounds a little Secret-New-Agey, but the principle is true. You have the ability to take your power up to the next level, you just need the motivation to do it. If you want to call down the choirs of Angels on a special date, or make this the first day of the rest of your life, or step through a new doorway of power and knowledge, then do it. There's no need for you to wait for some magical man-made calendar number to pop up.

Each day is unique! Each moment is unique! You can embrace this at any time. Let me rephrase this: You can embrace any time. Find its special, unique qualities and work with them. You don't need an excuse like a random pretty looking number. Just get to it!

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