Friday, November 18, 2011

Updated Reading List!

I haven't done this in a while. Here's a list of books I've been reading, recently read or reread, am about to read or reread and stuff that's just there because it needs to be.

The Aeneid
I've been plodding through this book all year. I keep putting it down because other things take precedence. It's been more of a year long act of bibliomancy, picking it up and gleaning a bit of inspiration or reading something I needed to read at a particular moment.

Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity - Rigoglioso
I'm giving this really good resource another pass before I have to return it to the library

Three Books of Occult Philosophy - Agrippa
This is a must on the list of every magical practitioner.

The Picatrix
Seriously, my head is already hurting and I haven't even mentioned Dion Fortune...

Psychic Self Defense -Dion Fortune
It's ok. Not my favorite book, as you might have read in the past. Mostly a warning to not mess with things that you don't understand.

Tarot Talismans - Chic and Tabitha Cicero
Interesting mix of philosophy and practical. It's not a tarot manual, it's not an amulet manual. Worth perusing.

For the most part, I've been up to my elbows in ancient Mesopotamia- Bablon, Assyria, Chaldea, etc... I walked the halls of The Met with a new appreciation for the artifacts there. Since that trip almost a month ago, I have been drawn to studying the region and its deities.

Lapis Lazuli and its importance to the Sumerians has been a topic of interest. There is so much on it, including the connection to Egyptians and their use of the stuff (Cleopatra wore powdered lapis lazuli as eyeshadow! :-o), that I don't want to make it a hit and run post. I've also found an interesting paper on how the Song of Solomon was likely one of the ancient Sumerian fertility songs son for Tammuz! And now that I've come across Sumerian Shakespeare, well I'm just never going to have time to sleep! lol

I'm often torn between the research and the practical. Looks like this year has been heavy on the search and next year looks to focus on the practical. Speaking of practical, I need to go get practical right now and do some Last Quarter work! 

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