Friday, November 11, 2011

Those Magic Changes

With the first signs of Winter cropping up, including the winter holiday decorations in every store (and the catalogs beginning their yearly mailbox deluge), I've been thinking about this blog and what happens next. I'm a Libra- a planner and a ponderer. I've been meditating on this over the past week and the answer came to me in the silence (You have to stop asking the question to hear the answer!):

This blog has mostly been about the topics I've been researching or books I've been reading, or something congruent with the date or month or season. I practice my practice in reality, not just theory, but I don't always share that here. Next year I will be taking my practical work and discussing it here, likely on a weekly basis, with other posts added as the mood strikes.

I thought I should share this now. It feels right to put this energy out here and share the news with the Loyal Hoard. Speaking of, Thanks to all 20 of you who hit the reload button 1,000 times... We've reached 20,000 hits!

In the interest of sharing, here's a bit about my workings tonight: Earlier today I raked and bagged all of the leaves which were in my grove area and did some pruning. When I stepped outside tonight to check the weather, it was very cloudy and I pondered waiting. I got my answer to that rather quickly in the form of a very insistent sounding dog barking somewhere nearby lol I threw up my hands and said "ok ok! Out I go!" I grabbed my supplies, donned my lunar talismans, and went outside to work.

I found tonight's ritual structure very interesting. Does that sound odd? That I found my own ritual interesting? I don't script these things, I intuit a general plan and that plan often changes in the moment, depending on the forces who join in the rite. Things often come through that I wasn't entirely expecting.

Tonight I felt especially called to invoke the Archangels at the quarters. I don't often do that. I will leave this generally vague as to who comes in keeping the intention of calling in those who will help me- wether its Archangels or Watchers or the essence of the direction/element, or deities connected with the directions, I don't often decide before hand. Tonight it HAD TO BE the Archangels. I felt their presence keenly. Their entrances were grand. I could not see all of them, but the ones I didn't see specifically were manifested as fluctuating changes in energy which were suspended about 6 or 7 feet in the air.

Inspired words from tonight:

Ave Diana, Regina delle Streghe
Dacci tua luce, la nostra Madre.

Trova la nostra debolezza,
Fanno di questa la nostra forza.

Diana, Diana, fa di me degni a te,
Diana, Diana, il tuo votiva รจ fedele

Hail Diana, Queen of Witches
Give us your light, Mother of all

Take our weakness
Turn it into strength

Diana, Diana, find me (make me) worthy of you,
Diana, Diana, your votary is true (loyal)

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