Monday, November 14, 2011


Many practitioners decry the idea of anything technological in their workspace or ritual space. Even watched have to go. How can you be in a time that is not a time when you can look down and see the time? No light but candles or oil lamps, no electricity whatsoever.

Why not? There are various theories on it ranging from how it's not "historical" to how the electricity being conducted can interfere with the work. I think that electricity and fire are very similar and can both be classed the same way in ritual context. Electricity can be thought of as harnessed lightning- Just look at the work of Tesla who was able to screw lightbulbs directly into the ground after a lightning storm.

"Tesla confirmed that the Earth itself could be used as an electrical conductor, and verified some of his suspicions regarding the conductivity of the ionosphere."

Various waves and frequencies might interfere with the energy raised or how it is directed, or perhaps even scatter it. However, we live in the cellular world now. Satellites are beaming everywhere at all times. The magic adapts. We adapt. If technology is the great anathema of magic, it wouldn't be possible to perform magic in any city (Pssst... It is!).

Some embrace technology. I've been part of on line rituals. I've used my ipod to read from in a dark ritual when a script was called for (the wifi wasnt on :P). I've seen magical people harness electricity and technology to aid their magical purpose. I can feel my people just with a thought. Hearing their voice (via phone or computer) gives me greater contact. Seeing them via video is even greater and seeing them in person is ideal. However, we don't always have ideal situations. That's when you have to know how to make technology work.

Let's take a moment to remember that magic works through the boundaries of space and time. Some of the theories Tesla came up with about time travel are also applicable to cell phones and to remote controls. He actually predicted the advent of cell phones:

Depending on the work, I'll use whatever technology feels appropriate, or none at all. After all, being able to reach into my pocket, flip open something the size of a credit card and talk to my family and friends thousands of miles away as if they're next to me? That's magic.

Mercury magic at that- technology and communication. Maybe The Opener doesn't mind so much if you have an open line.

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