Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick or treat!

The actual cross-quarter, the exact midpoint between Fall and Winter, occurs just after midnight on November 8th. So why is everyone freaking out about a randomly fixed date as the thin veil point? I'd say that's when it STARTS is thinnest phase, much the same the way the moon is full for 3 days. So why is no one taking advantage of this time of year? Why blow your wad on one single day? We have several weeks of "best reception" on the line with the Ancestors.

If you've been too busy noming candy to do any work, you still have plenty of time. The pendulum swings both ways, so by my estimate, we have about two more weeks before things start to thicken up again.

Suggestions for the next two weeks:
Use whatever form of divination you are comfortable with to contact your dearly departed. Ask them questions. Ask them what they want or need.
Dream work! This is the perfect time to practice lucid dreaming
Weaving, sewing and other crafty-crafting is particularly effective at this time, especially if you call on crafty ancestors for help in your task.
Learn more about the Cthonic deities. This time of year is perfect for working with the Cthonic deities, especially deities with many aspects where one is cthonic.
Work on creating thought forms or a fetch.

Speaking of which, I'm going to take my own advice and get to that now. I haven't journeyed in some time and I feel like I've been slacking! They call to me daily and I have been so busy with the mundane world that I have not ventured as often as I would like. Time to prep and get to it!

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