Thursday, November 3, 2011

Drugs are bad, m'kay?

Some traditions use drugs as a shortcut to connection with the divine. Some traditions forbid them. I've been told several times in the past week that drugs are verboten. But what about sacred drugs? Peyote? Ergot? Ecstasy, which is reputed to actually induce the state of transcendental bliss that professional meditators work so hard to achieve?

I find it interesting that Pliny talks about "poppy juice" as a household remedy. Ergot was allegedly used to induce visions at Eleusis. I don't know. Seems plausible, but no one has been able to duplicate the ergot and alleged psychadelic effects. The initiates fasted before they were brought inside and shown the vision; I'm certain this would have more effect than a few inconsistent microbits of the plant-based precursor to LSD.

This article contains an interview in which the person discusses the idea of pot and other ethnogens as the expanders of psychic abilities and plant spirits who have wisdom to impart. He takes offense to the idea of these things being used as "recreation" when there is potential to achieve higher psychic goals.

Is it ok to take a "shortcut?" Is using a drug to achieve a different state of consciousness like using a gps? When you use one, it might get you there, it might get you lost, but you'll never learn the route on your own and you become dependent on it. However, if you are journeying to a place where you have not been, isn't it a good idea to have a guide, even in the form of a plant spirit?

Personally, I don't partake. Fasting is enough to get me high. However, I don't judge others who do. Is it part of your practice? Why? If not, why not?

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  1. Personally, I have tried several different psychoactive plants/herbs for ritual purposes. My first teacher was a Lakota Shaman as well as a practicing Wicca. After a few years he started teaching me about sacred drugs (datura, salvia, peyote, etc...) though we only utilized them twice over a period of a few years. They were only to be used in times of dire need or for important vision quests (Initiation, Soul Retreival, etc...). Later in life I experimented a few more times but discovered that, while it may indeed be a shortcut to higher conciousness, it's also very hard to control even with the proper training. You never really know what your gonna get from the experience and, if you don't succeed with your goal, you may end up losing the auspicious timing (specific moon phase, an eclipse, or astrological timing)you worked so hard to align with. Tante Benedizioni!