Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Great Pyramids of.... Sicily!

Before I get into tonight's topic, I wanted to dish a bit about Atlantis. I'm sort of half watching the NatGeo special on Atlantis being discovered. Again. This time, off the coast of Spain. I'm not really impressed. It feels like they've taken a similar city and decided that since it was a port city and was sunk, it must be Atlantis. It's really cool that they've found this site, but the "evidence" is underwhelming. Do I believe Atlantis existed? Yep. Do I believe it still exists/can be reached/contacted? Yep. I'd like to talk more about Avalon and Atlantis being the same place. Why not? There are similar stories of underworld, afterlife, and alternate realms in the various traditions around the world. There are Fairy realms described in many different cultures. There are in-between places. How about Avalon and Atlantis, both dealing with water and islands and magic.... why not? I don't really care right now, I'm just wondering out loud again. I'm already involved with learning about a magickal island: Sicily!

Here is a nifty site which talk about the origins of the Sicilians. It includes the Pyramids of Sicily - a ring of at least 27 pyramids around Mount Etna, makes mention of the language origins (there are Sanskrit words in the language? srsly?), the possible migrations of different peoples to the island, and the connection between ancient Sicily and ancient Egypt. It's a fascinating read and I am about to go read it again and try to dream the answers to all of the questions I have about them.

If you're not in the mood to click over there, I'll leave you with this: Below is an old map of Sicily. There is a snake drawn around Mount Etna. That is the circle of pyramids. :-o There's also evidence of ancient temples in the area and places of worship. Italian Stonehenge? Did the Egyptians copy the Italians? man-made pyramids surround a natural pyramid. I don't know of any volcanoes in Egypt or natural mountains shaped like that. Do you? Makes sense to me that early people would copy a Natural design they see every day.

I've come back to edit this almost immediately because I just realized that one thing I had mentioned earlier, "There are also aligned pyramids and  a "pierced stone" which lines up with the sunlight at a certain time of year" turns out to be by Lake Enna, which I have posted about previously as the original site of the Mysteries of Proserpina (and later of Eleusis). In the past 3 years researchers have finally started to take note of them and investigate them. My first reaction was sadness. They're only interested in things that are lost that they can find. I've always believed the lack of major research into Italy's, specifically Sicily's ancient history and practices is because the ways are still alive enough that folks don't want these things to be noticed. Now that they're noticing them, does it mean they're lost? Mussolini discovered Caligula's ships from Lake Nemi and the retreating German army destroyed it. Do we really want to make our history known and have it destroyed? Hmph! However, my sadness (and irritation) was fleeting. It's time. More and more Italians are coming out. And not as Pagans or Wiccans, but as Italians, as keepers of The Old Ways. We are claiming what is ours, taking long overdue credit. Wicca would not exist without La Vecchia. There would be no Charge of the Goddess. There would be no spiral dancing, there wouldn't be so many things that Pagans today take for granted as part of "their" tradition. I'm also very tired of people poo-pooing the idea of unbroken lines of heritage. We might not have it all, but we have a living, ancient tradition. Yes it has changed, but what tradition hasn't? Ours might have been genetically modified, but it has never stopped, most have just gone with the flow and dealt with the name changes. I want to dream about this tonight, but I don't know that I'll be able to sleep. I might be awake with my various divination tools. You want to help too? Great! Thanks!

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