Sunday, March 27, 2011


I hate cheat-sheets in ritual. I really do. People get so worried about the words and "getting it right" that you lose any power and the whole endeavor is worthless. I don't think quarter calls should be written and read off an index card. You should know the qualities of that quarter well enough that you can bring up that energy and the words are almost secondary. Actually, words are secondary. You could do a silent circle and still rock out an amazing amount of power if you focused correctly. Words are merely tools. What happens when you have to do something secret in public? Oops. I don't fault those who fall into the trap of feeling like every word chosen must be uttered perfectly. I fault their teachers for making it so important when it's so not.

Someone at the ritual today (not my ritual, not my tradition, did it for community and my good friend) complained that they don't have a certain tool so they can't do something magically that they wanted to. Poppycock. Tools are nice, but not necessary. It's great to have that well-worn wand, and tools can store up energy to help you later, like a magical shortcut, but nothing is "necessary."

I'm going to do a ritual with no tools at all. No candles, no incense, no script, just us. Too bad the people who need it most would be too scared to do it.

I wish everyone, especially those who don't have a specific part in the ritual script, would stop reading along with the ritual like its the Sunday missal. The difference in what we do, or at least what should be a difference, is that we actually participate intimately with the ceremony, we don't just receive passively. We create the ritual together with our energy, we make it happen. No one should be standing around mumbling chants for fear they're not on pitch. We should give ourselves over to The Work with the goal of ecstasy and gnosis and union with the divine in mind.

Have I used cheat sheets before? Sure, when someone has asked me to recite the words they have chosen to have read aloud. If I get it early enough I'll memorize it, but usually it's show up n do it. Is there as much oomph? Of course not, I'm using someone else's words. I never carry the printed out ritual into circle otherwise.

My perfect devotional/celebratory ritual: Everyone fully present, no BS personal agendas, literally giving devotion, giving their energy, building it, making the sum greater than its parts. Otherwise, what's the point?

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