Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's frickin Hilarious

Today is the Hilaria. It's mentioned in some places, but not in others. Ovid makes no mention, it was never on the Roman calendar officially, but other writers have made mention of the festivities held on this day. The Hilaria was held in Honor of Cybele and Attis. It was a day of joy at his resurrection following his death. A man who died at the foot of a tree around the spring equinox and is resurrected? Hmm sounds familiar. heh. Anyway... This is a holiday the Greeks and Romans passed back and forth. The greeks celebrated it, Romans adopted it, the Greeks adopted the name, back n forth n back again.

Cybele plays a big part in the Aeneid, and indeed was "brought" to Italy during the second punic war thanks to a reading from the oracle at delphi. The wiki entry on this needs more sources and isn't really worth posting here unless you're in need of the basics. She is Magna Mater, mother of the Gods, protector of Aeneas and first Troy, then Italy.

I'm pretty wiped out tonight, so I'm going to leave you will a commercial that always makes me laugh! I find it hilarious ;)

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