Saturday, March 19, 2011

Supermoon doesn't mean dropping your pants.

Sorry about the title, I had no idea what to make tonight's subject. It's a potpourri.

Last night I worked on dreaming. I don't mean consciously directed dreaming, but observing my dreams with greater clarity and better recall. Thankfully I had a few minutes to muse about my dreams and to write down and draw some of the things I saw. After I got that written down, I prepped for Opening the Grove! \o/

I was out there at 1 PM starting the work, officially marking the opening as the moon waxed full. Afterward I fried up a batch of zeppole. Since I'm vegan I don't use honey. I used vegan powdered sugar instead. If I need to use a honey-like substance, I use agave. Friends arrived, we set up the space, bring out the columns, tools, chairs and food. I did something simple, something spontaneous and from the heart. It wasn't terribly "ceremonial" or even high energy, but it was intense and persistent, just like my space.

I created 5 altars, one for each direction and one in the center. I work with 4 patrons and had representations and offerings for each. Mercury and Air in the North, Diana and Earth in the east, Dianus and Fire in the South, and Hekate, Water in the West, and a family chalice and a fire pit for my Ancestors. I've posted before about why I associate Air with North.

The offerings: Mercury: Red Bull and chocolate coins, Diana: Roses, Dianus: A golden bough, Hekate, Star Anise and Strega liquore. There was much incense for all, and libating, especially to the land and Ancestors. We even had the Fairies join us. A hawk circled us too!

It wasn't a Strega specific ceremony, I didn't break out in Italian and tarantella around the place. It was about the land and the people who joined me. It was exactly what it should have been. We all went inside after we were done and enjoyed each other's company until the moon rose over the grove. A few of us went back out there to enjoy the moonlight. If it had been warmer we would've been out there all night! I'm still high on the energy and can't wait to carry it into Spring tomorrow!

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