Sunday, March 6, 2011


I've collected rain water and charged it for different purposes. I've charged with with sun, or with moon, or with a specific color.
Rain on a sunny day, from a Sunshower, I find to be specially charged and potent. This made me think about the old saying that if it's raining while sunny, the devil is beating is wife. I remember hearing that one as a child from my friend's mother. Her family was from the south.

Grandma used to say that Witches were combing and braiding their hair. There are stories of "elf locks" or keeping a few strands of hair braided as a dedication/commitment to the Folletti. There are sayings from around the world about sunshowers and many are about getting married: Jackals, monkeys, devils, leopards, hyenas, foxes... Everyone seems to have a name for this phenomenon.

Back to the rain collecting: I like collecting it in different colored glasses and letting it charge in the sun. It can be used in chakra work, to charge items with the energy, to purify, to invoke deities, for scrying, to make recipes.... Ooo we should get into some food magick soon. It's nearly time to plant out there in the garden, so add another post to the list.

I was glad to see how many folks also like JW Waterhouse! Fan club!


  1. Thanks for sharing about the 'elf locks', Beth! I love that concept - and it's something I actually used to do all through my childhood/young adulthood. I'd hide a braid behind my ear, and when I started working at the Renaissance Fair I worked at a booth that had hair wraps - and guess who always had one??? :-)

  2. That's very interesting about braiding your hair to honor Folleti. I wasn't aware of that. It's stuck with me for the last few days/